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US began to outpire from the global market Chinese 5G technologies for cars

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Although China is a leader in the development and implementation of 5G-technologies, the protracted trading war with the United States and their allies can lead to the foresee of the advanced development of the PRC from the market of solutions to connect to the network of smart cars of the new generation.


Chinese companies are no longer the first year over the technology of car interaction using 5G networks, whereas in the US, the relevant standard is accepted only last year. At the same time, the United States and their allies are gradually moving to non-market methods for regulating this market.

The use of 5G in cars in the future will make driving more secure, convenient and someday – completely autonomous. It is possible to prevent accidents due to the alert by car by each other about the direction of movement. Pedestrian safety will also increase due to the receipt of alerts on the movement of machines on smartphones, and traffic lights and even smart road signs will be able to receive data in real time to prevent traffic jams and other traffic violations.

As the representative of Ford Wesley Sherwood (Wesley Sherwood) said, in some Chinese cities “consumers already use technology to obtain information on red traffic lights on the road and other notifications. We believe that technology has global potential. “

So far, the ultimate goal of building an autonomous network for cars, independently coordinating traffic on the roads, seems very far, including due to the risk of hacker intervention. Nevertheless, the work in this direction is quite active. In November last year, the US Federal Communications Commission voted for the selection of a part of the radio frequency spectrum part of the C-V2X standard developed by Qualcomm. He involves the interaction of cars with any other electronics. Using already existing C-V2X mobile networks can interact with all sorts of devices.

The PRC is already working on relevant services for several years. Initially, the use of 4G networks was envisaged, the transition to the fifth generation communication technology is now. It is believed that China is one of the leading countries in this area. In particular, the PRC is still the only country in which already sell and use machines supporting the C-V2X standard.



Last year, the State Controlled by the State Faw Group Corp. And BYD Co., behind which the American billionaire Warren Buffett stands, released models with C-V2X based on Chinese equipment. In this, their example followed Ford, released Explorer and EDGE models with C-V2X for China. In some areas of cities of Wuxi and Changsha, these machines can receive information about the optimal speed in order to get on the green light signal. In the US, Ford does not intend to produce models with C-V2X to 2022.

In Europe, Audi, BMW and Daimler are working on the equipment of the new technology. One of the projects involving European automakers and Huawei provides remote control of the car for transportation of citizens who are not entitled to control the vehicle.

In Japan, Subaru and Softbank since last November, the test use of C-V2X-compatible machines has begun. For example, on an experienced Subaru highway, a model is being implemented when the car comes from a secondary way to the main road, having received “permission” from other machines.

Nevertheless, the leading role of the PRC in the development of a technological basis for such technologies and 5G can cause some problems with their implementation. The United States and their allies limited the use of Chinese equipment in 5G networks. According to the representative of the State Department of the United States of the Ned Price (NED Price), allowing major suppliers of telecommunications equipment to have any control over any part of 5G networks creates an unacceptable risk to national security. In Japan, officially announced the need to seriously perceive the risks of 5G hacking to control the transport and develop their own equipment compatible with the bonding of the fifth generation.

According to the American media, the representative of China in speech about 5G-technologies has already stated that “the creation of barriers or abuse of the concept of national security for pressure on individual countries contradicts the basic laws of scientific progress and common interests.”

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