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Vertikiports for Aerotexi in South Korea will help build a British company

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One of the largest in the Republic of Korea Investors – Hanwha Systems – signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the British company Skyports. According to the Agreement, Skyports will help create infrastructure in the country for urban air mobility. Calculation of this, by 2040, the world market of Aerotexi will grow to $ 1.5 trillion (estimated by Morgan Stanley) and Hanwha will become one of the first to benefit from the new direction.

Image source: Hanwha System

In February last year, Hanwha Systems began together with the American company OVERAIR, the development of Aerotapxi Charnelics. Completion of works is expected by 2024, in order to start testing Aerotaxi in 2025 on the route between Seoul and Kimho. British SkyPorts will help partners design and create ground infrastructure in the form of a system of vertical airports for vertical and landing devices. Such a similar project Skyports has implemented two years ago in Singapore, as noted by participating in the NASA Grand Challenge project for the design of urban vertiports.

It is believed that SkyPorts has unique developments for creating vertiports and all related infrastructure. Since the vertical is located in the city center, it is necessary to take into account many conditions. The main thing is to develop an effective route taking into account human streams and noise level requirements. Aerotexi service, charging batteries and lighting for work at night also need to be designed with the environment.

Источник изображения: Hanwha System

Image source: Hanwha System

If partners do everything, Hanwha Systems has already calculated from 2030 to earn up at urban aerobility to $ 10 billion. Work in Korea should become a test site for new technologies, which will follow the development of the big world.

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