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Dell and HP warned about the impending shortage of personal computers

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Dell and HP, who are among the leading players of the global market of personal computers, warn that laptop shortages may be formed in the coming months.

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Now there is an increase in demand for PCs, which is explained by the continuing pandemic. Under the conditions of remote operation and remote training, users have required additional computing equipment around the world. And the greatest demand is used by portable computers.

The expected deficit in the global PC market is due to difficulties with the production of computer components, in particular processors. In HP, it is said that the supply of computers and printers will be limited to at least by the end of this year.

In Dell, in turn, note that the observed picture will lead to a rise in prices for computers. The company warns that it may be simply not to cope with the satisfaction of all orders for laptops shipment.

Anyway, IDC analysts believe that the delivery of desktops, laptops and workstations this year on a global scale will be a little more than 357 million units. If this forecast is justified, the growth in relation to last year will turn out to be at 18.1%.

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