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Elon Musk’s personal wealth has exceeded $ 00 billion, Jeff Bezos is twice richer

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Bloomberg on Wednesday continued to update statistics on the welfare of the richest people in the world against the background of the rise in US stock indices. The relative disposition did not have time to change, but two of the four richest people in the world passed an important psychological milestone, measured in hundreds of billions of dollars in both cases.

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First of all, his first one hundred billion dollars in the Bloomberg rating was exchanged by the founder and head of Tesla Elon Musk, whose wealth is now estimated to be a source of $ 01 billion.Tesla shares, which determine the bulk of its capital, were promoted not only by the impending split but also good news on US macroeconomic statistics. The Fed said it expects to keep interest rates low for the next five years, and July demand for durable goods in the US rose 11.2%, well above expectations.

Источник изображения: Bloomberg

Image Source: Bloomberg

The welfare of Ilona Mask since the beginning of the year grew by $ 73.6 billion, but the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) is richer with more confident pace, even taking into account the recently divorce with Mackenzie Scott, which is now the second in the list of richest women in the world With welfare of $ 66.2 billion. Having 4% of Amazon shares, it may lead a list of the richest women in the world in the foreseeable future, since its rival in the face of the success of L`oreal business has no more than $ 66.7 billion.

Jeff Bezos has increased his wealth since the beginning of the year by 7.1 billion, now it is 02 billion.His closest competitor is Bill Gates, but the gap between them has increased to 8 billion, and Mark Zuckerberg is already breathing in the back of the Microsoft founder ( Mark Zuckerberg) with 15 billion personal fortune. In general, according to statistics from Bloomberg, the wealth of the 500 richest people in the world this year has increased by 14% or 09 billion, although the economic situation in the world cannot be called safe. Calls for social justice have already begun to sound from the US government: Senator Bernie Sanders in August has already proposed to impose higher taxes on the largest billionaires in order to channel the proceeds to fight the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic.

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