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Floating wind power plants will expand alternative energy production horizons

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Today, General Electric shared some new details of the concept of floating wind power plants. It hopes to solve the key problems of this type of energy sources using advanced turbine management tools, which it develops together with Glosten, which at the beginning of this year announced the highest wind power plant in the world, albeit stationary.


GE received $ 3 million from the US Department of Energy in support of a two-year project, which started last year. If a company using modeling and simulation will be able to prove the efficiency of his invention of a floating windmill, it will be able to proceed to the creation of a prototype together with partners. Today, GE has revealed some details about his floating wind power plant. The main difficulty in the implementation of the project is not to allow wind turbine to overturn.



At this stage, the company is working on the union of the 12-MW of the turbine and a floating platform with automated controls. If these measures are successful, the floating power plant will be able to automatically stabilize itself, without tilting even in a strong storm. Given the high power and compact platform, the low-cost floating power station will be able to become more economically beneficial than existing stationary samples.

To solve the problem, GE plans to reduce the mass platform for a new station by a third, compared with existing structures, which will lead to a noticeable reduction in energy costs. The company uses the so-called “platform with stretch supports”, which will be attached to the seabed through adjustable cables. The new technology will be able to analyze the waves and gusts of the wind in real time and adjust the length of the cables to ensure the smoothness of the movement of the platform on the waves. It is worth noting that full-size wind power plants have never been mounted on platforms of this type.

Experts note that floating wind power plants significantly exceed the windmills tightly attached to the seabed. In addition, they can be located much further from the coast, do not affect the relief of the bottom and do not interfere with fishing, and also do not disturb the usual lifestyle of sea birds.

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