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Google has achieved permission to build a huge campus in San Jose

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The authorities of the California city of San Jose, almost four years of negotiations, have approved the construction of a huge google campus in the center of the city. As part of this project, Google will erect about 680 thousand m² of office space for more than 30 hectares of the Earth, in which 20 thousand employees of the company will work, and will also build thousands of housing units.

Images: Google

«We would like to thank the city and the community over the years of cooperation and this partnership. Together we created a basis for a publicly accessible and environmentally friendly place, which will unite the best thing in San Jose and Google, “said Google Development Director in San Jose Alexa Arena.

On the campus it is planned to build 4 thousand housing units, 1 thousand of which will be assigned to an affordable housing for low-income citizens with income below 30% of the average earnings in the city. Even on the campus site there is a place for 300 hotel rooms and 800 residences intended for short-term residence of corporate guests and commoded Google employees. It is noteworthy that more than half of all the land allocated for the construction of land will be occupied by housing and public places, such as parks, restaurants, retail space, viewing platforms, places to entertainment, etc.

Изображение: CNBC

The construction of this project is planned to begin next year, but is expected to complete its implementation takes from 10 to 30 years. On the construction of all the necessary infrastructure, Google plans to spend $ 1 billion. In addition, the company will pay $ 265.8 million for land in the center of San Jose, as well as pay another $ 200 million social benefits to residents.

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