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Google’s first retail store will open in summer in New York

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It became known about the intent of Google to open his first retail store. According to reports, it will be officially launched in the summer of this year in New York.

Image: The Verge

Google shop will appear in the Chelsea area, where the company campus is also located. The store will feature a wide range of products, including branded Pixel smartphones, smart home devices Nest, Fitbit’s fitness trackers, PixelBook e-books and much more. When ordering goods in the Google online store, customers will be able to pick up their purchases in the retail store.

It is worth noting that in the past, Google has already experimented with different formats of stores, but the current announcement speaks of a serious desire to increase the sales area for the sale of its own products. Looks like Google’s physical stores will largely resemble Apple’s retail points. Store employees will show customers, how to make together different Google products, will be offered services for connecting and configuring equipment, will provide the possibility of using service services, etc.

In Google, it is said that users although they can personally interact with the company’s devices, all necessary measures that prevent the spread of coronavirus infection will be observed in the store. This means that the number of simultaneously located in the store of visitors will be limited, buyers will need to wear masks, comply with the social distance, etc.

The exact date of launch of the Google store in Chelsea was not voiced, it is only known that he will open its doors to buyers in the summer of this year. Google also did not mention possible plans to further expand the trading network.

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