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Snap bought WaveOptics Ar-Displasded Supplier for more than $ 500 million

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It became known that Snap bought a supplier of displays augmented reality WaveOptics, the products of which are used in the Spectacles AR-glasses rendered yesterday. Purchase cost more than $ 500 million, which is the largest deal in the history of the American company. It also shows that SNAP makes a long-term stack on the glasses of augmented reality, hoping that they will become mainstream.

Ar-glasses Snap Spectacles | Image: Snap

First of all, WaveOptics is famous for the development of the display technology of virtual objects in the real world through a transparent surface, such as glass. The company also developed relevant projectors, which are used in the process of forming virtual objects. WaveOptics displays are used in Snap Spectacles AR-glasses, which have not yet been enrolled in massive sale.

According to PitchBook, WaveOptics, based in the UK and founded in 2014, attracted $ 65 million investment. The staff of the staff is 125 people who, after the completion of the transaction, will be submitted to the chapter of the Snap hardware division Stand Strand (Steen Strand). The representative of SNAP noted that even after the completion of the purchase of WaveOptics will be able to continue the supply of its products to other companies.

Spectacles glasses presented this week have a field of view 26.3 °, which is less than that of more cumbersome AR-heads like Hololens from Microsoft. SNAP glasses can display Ar-effects on the street and indoors. Because they are more compact compared to the familiar AR-headsets, it is not difficult to guess that they cannot boast of high autonomy. According to data available, the design provides a battery that provides only 30 minutes of autonomous work. In addition, SNAP Ar-glasses weigh 134 grams, which is significantly more than ordinary glasses.

It is obvious that a lot of time will pass before Ar-glasses will be available to the wide masses of buyers and will be popular. The SNAP Director-General Evan Spiegel (Evan Spigel) believes that it will take about ten years before the glasses will become a fairly attractive product for ordinary buyers.

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