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The expansion of the Spacex space base in Boca-Chik was prevented by local residents. Compromise has not yet been found

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Previously, Spacex declared its plans to transform Boca-Chika (Texas), where she has the main starting site, to the space town Starbase. But for this, she needs to enlist the resettlement of the locals, who are not so harder to leave their homes. And it represents a large problem for Spacex, since the company not only turns out to be limited in development, but also can get into an unpleasant story if, with the next launch the rocket goes wrong.

Some locals sold their own ownership of Spacex. In these homes, the company has placed its employees. The rest of the residents of Boca-Chik do not want to part with their real estate. In the area where rockets with a deafening roar rose into the sky, and sometimes fall, there are about 30 small houses ranch. It is difficult to understand why Spacex needs residential buildings, but it is assumed that the company simply wants not to worry about the safety of people living near the cosmodrome.

Recall that the Village of Boca Chika Spacex wants to make part of the planned city of Starbase, in which Spacex staff and their families will live. In order to turn on the village to Starbase, Spacex need to prove that more than 200 people live in the area, and most of them agree with the intentions of the company. If Spacex gets desired, she will be able to drive out of the village of dissent. The company will control the local police, and will also receive legal authority over the only expensive leading to the village, and will be able to overlap it at his discretion.

Since Ilon Mask (Elon Musk) founded Spacex on a re-equipped warehouse in Southern California, the company expanded to 8,000 employees and acquired production facilities in Florida, Texas and Washington. In Boca-Chika, the company develops a new SUPER Heavy rocket, which should deliver people to the moon and Mars.

Officials of Cameron County, where the village of Boca Chica is located, say that they do not cooperate with Spacex in order to evict people from their dwellings. They express their company support, but do not want Spacex to succeed at the expense of the local community. Officials declare that they will not allow Spacex to capture the highway and the Beach of Boca-Chik.

Nevertheless, the district does not provide residents of the village permission to residents in recent years. But Spacex, as it became known from public documents, received numerous permits for the repair of houses belonging to her, in which the company’s employees live. In addition, the district allowed Spacex to close access to the beach and the only road leading to Boca-Chik. The company can close these objects for 300 hours per year.

Spacex began to buy land in the Boca Cicky area in 2012 and laid the foundation of the starting site in 2014. According to local residents, until 2019, the company’s activity was tolerant until she launched up to 12 missiles per year. After that, the previously quiet place turned into a platform for the manufacture and testing of Super Heavy, and began to blow the workers.

Residents of Boca Chik say that Spacex offers for their dwellings five times more of their real value. Nevertheless, not everyone wants to leave. People who refuse to leave the village report that representatives of the company threaten that they need to use an “alternative approach” to make sure that the launch of spacecraft and testing will be carried out in accordance with the requirements of public security.

According to public data, Spacex has already bought 112 land plots in the village. The company parked Airstream trailers on the roadway and began to build construction on the territory adjacent to the village.

When Spacex launches its aircraft, sometimes the trouble happens. A few months ago, the burst of the rocket broke the windows in the houses of the village and caused a forest fire. None of the inhabitants then did not suffer, but the probability of this is pretty high. Obviously, Spacex wants to evict the inhabitants from the village to eliminate unpleasant incidents. However, it is still hard to judge how the situation will develop if some of them will refuse to leave their homes.

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