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Tim Cook said that to use third-party application stores, users can choose Android instead of the iPhone

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In the United States continued to consider the judicial case about the so-called Apple tax, the 30 percent commission, which the company takes from the application developers. This time on the court questions, the meeting of which was held in California Auckland, answered the Director General of Apple Tim Cook (Tim Cook).

Image: Vicki Behringer / Reuters

Among other things, the top manager said that Apple takes care of users, not allowing you to download applications from third-party stores, as well as thoroughly checking all products that are published in the company App Store. The federal judge of Ivonne Gonzalez Rogers (Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers) stated that game developers generate most of the income of the App Store. She noted that Apple received from the creators of the content “seems disproportionate”.

Tim Cook tried to convince the judge that Apple does not violate the rules of competition, prohibiting the developers to use third-party payment systems in their products and an incompeated commission in the amount of 30% for custom transactions. Responding to a question about the possibility of providing third-party stores to find cheaper options, Apple’s head replied that users already have a choice between the iPhone and a large number of Android smartphones. A separate emphasis was applied to the fact that Apple applies a lot of effort to check applications, thus taking care of the user security and confidentiality of their personal data.

Recall, the trial between Apple and Epic Games began last year after the developers have added their own payment system to the popular game Fortnite. Thanks to this, users could make in-game purchases without paying the Apple Commission. In response, Apple deleted the game from the App Store store, and Epic Games accused the company in anti-competitive behavior and creating a monopoly. This is not the first meeting within this proceedings. It is expected that the judge will announce the final decision at one of the following meetings.

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