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TSMC has not yet suffered from the new outbreak of COVID-19 in Taiwan, but strengthened precautions

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The focus of the outbreak of coronavirus infection last week was discovered in the Taiwanese meal subtle in the immediate vicinity of a large technopark in Xinchu, where a part of the TSMC enterprises is located. Representatives of the company so far argue that its activities have not suffered, but the adjoins are already predicted to reduce revenue by 35% at the end of June.

Image Source: Reuters

Sladful fame These days have found King Yuan, which specializes in testing and packaging semiconductor components. Its enterprise in the mealy was affected by the outbreak of coronavirus among labor migrants arriving at Taiwan with the Philippines and from Vietnam. More than 200 cases of infection among employees were confirmed, so several thousand foreign workers were sent for a weekly quarantine. Since they have formed up to 30% of the workforce at the King Yuan enterprise, the company expects to face a proportional decline in revenue at the end of June.

As Reuters notes with reference to the municipality of the neighboring blue, where the enterprises of TSMC are located, the authorities are still difficult to assess the degree of influence of the outbreak of infection on the activities of local enterprises. By Sunday, 1800 foreign workers were tested, among them five positive results were revealed. There are up to 10 thousand foreigners in the syncje technology park, and in all of them there are up to 68,000 people in the city, if adding the neighboring meters. Conditions for the residence of foreign workers are far from secure under a pandemic – in one room of the hostel can be accommodated up to ten people. Military and doctors have already been sent to the authorities to the authorities, which the rates of express testing on COVID-19 are already erected.

TSMC has not yet started mass checks among employees, but has already taken precautions. Groups of employees are minimized apart from each other, prohibiting moving between enterprises of the company located in different parts of Taiwan. Lithographic production by virtue of its specificity is quite well protecting staff from infectious diseases, as employees wear protective clothing and masks, and a high degree of automation allows you to maintain a large social distance. And yet, TSMC tries not to neglect the security of its employees.

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