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Cooler Master will create a cooling system with a very thin evaporative chamber for smartphones, tablets and laptops

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Cooler Master, together with the Japanese manufacturer of electronic components, Murata Manufacturing is developing the most compact evaporative cooling chamber, whose thickness is only 200 micrometers. It is supposed to be used as an alternative to standard heat pipelines in the composition of cooling systems of smartphones, tablets and even laptops.

According to Cooler Master, with each new generation of microchips, be it CPU, mobile SOC, GPUs or any other types of processors are reduced in size, so they are cooling with traditional CO becomes ineffective. It is explained by the fact that the coolers in which conventional heat-conducting tubes are used is becoming more difficult to distinguish heat from tiny microprocessors, simply because they are excessively large for them. Modern desktop computers with such a problem have not yet encountered, which you will not say about the electronics of smartphones, tablets and laptops. According to Cooler Master, their new cooling system based on the evaporative chamber for mobile devices will be able to solve this problem.

The advantage of evaporative chambers is that it uses liquid to remove heat in them, not air. Since the heat capacity of the fluid is greater than that of the air, it can carry more energy with them (heat). The principle of operation of evaporative chambers is remotely similar to the principle of operation of conventional liquid cooling systems (SZGO), in which the fluid also corresponds for heat transmission. The difference is that when obtaining a large amount of heat, the liquid in the evaporative chamber turns into pairs, which moves to the direction of a colder area of ​​the system, as a rule, to the radiator. As soon as this couple cools, it turns into a liquid again, which moves to the direction of heat source. In other words, in contrast to the usual SZGO, where pumps are used to move the fluid, in the evaporative chamber, the fluid moves independently.

The most important advantage of developing Cooler Master is its thickness and compactness. Due to this, it is guaranteed to fit almost any electronic device that requires high-quality cooling.

At the moment, Cooler Master is engaged in creating test centers with the same conditions that are manufactured by Murata Manufacturing. Their construction is supposed to be completed in the second half of 2021. Depending on the further development and testing of new cooling systems, they can be seen in 2022 or 2023.

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