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Noctua promised to release a huge passive cooler for central processors

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Noctua in Twitter confirmed that its huge passive cooling system for central processors, first shown a few years ago, will be on sale “very soon.” Earlier, the manufacturer stated that the cooler was planned to be released in the second quarter of this year.

Noctua first introduced a prototype of a disheamer cooler for CPU in mid-2019, at Computex exhibition. The system was a tower structure weighing 1.5 kg, consisting of 12 aluminum roother and six heat-conducting copper tubes. The development of the novelty was carried out with an eye on the possibility of cooling processors with a value of TDP to 120 W in a fully passive case without fans or to cool the processors with TDP to 180 W, but taking into account the use of low-speed fans or one fan directly on the radiator itself. Initially, the company announced support for the AMD AM4 and Intel LGA 115X platforms. However, it is obvious that the novelty will also be compatible with the current LGA 1200 connector and future LGA 1700.

Coming very soon! 😉

Recently, the company also told, with whatever difficulties she had to face when developing an ignorant cooler for CPU. Taking into account the features of the work of modern processors, their cooling system should cope with a constant tap of relatively large amounts of heat. Thus, the passive CPU for CPU from the engineering point should be not just a large radiator.

«The main difficulty lies in the fact that for the development of a truly effective passive cooling system, it is required to choose various parameters with particular accuracy, for example, the same distance between the ribs and the thickness of the Ryber themselves. The gap between the radiator’s ribs should be such that at the output it was very low air flow resistance for natural heat convection. And the thickness of the fins should be such in order to obtain the desired mass of the cooler needed to absorb sufficient volume of thermal energy, “said the representative of Noctua Jakob Dellenger (Jakob Dellinger) in an interview with Relaxedtech.

According to the manufacturer, the stress test of the cooler in a non-functional desktop designed on the basis of an Intel Core i9-9900K processor with a capacity of 95 W demonstrated the processor temperature to 92-95 degrees Celsius. The company has not reported on the price of the future novelty.

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