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Presented Jonsbo HX6250’s tower cooler, able to cope with the cooling of chips with TDP to 250 W

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Jonsbo announced the Universal HX6250 cooler, fully made in classic black color. The novelty is suitable for use with powerful processors whose maximum value of the dissipated thermal energy (the TDP indicator reaches 250 W).

The product refers to the tower type. The design includes a radiator through which six U-shaped thermal tubes pass (direct contact with the processor lid is not provided).

The 140-millimeter fan is responsible for controlling the control method of latitude and pulse modulation (PWM). It is endowed with an impeller with seven blades.

The fan can function in two modes: with a rotational frequency from 700 to 1800 and from 400 to 1200 revolutions per minute. In the first case, the air flow is created with a volume of up to 153 cubic meters per hour, in the second – up to 98 cubic meters per hour. Static pressure reaches 2.74 and 1.14 mm water pillars, respectively. Noise level – no more than 38 and 28 dBA.

The cooler has dimensions 144 × 121 × 162 mm and weighs 1150. The product is compatible with AMD AM4 chips and with Intel LGA115X / 1200/2011/2066 processors. There is no information about the price yet.

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