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Component manufacturers for assembling processors decided to expand capacity

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According to DigiTimes, the supply of substrate supplies, the lack of which is one of the reasons for the newest generations of AMD and Intel processors, as well as NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards, may increase by the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2022. Manufacturers of these components from Taiwan and China began to increase power for their release.

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ABF film substrates are very important for the semiconductor industry, as they are intended to accommodate chips on textolite in the production of processors. Recently, AMD, Intel and Nvidia have been actively searching for new suppliers, as well as investments in partners producing substrates.

AMD agreed on the supply of substrates from Japan, and also helped South Korean and Taiwanese producers with increasing their capacities. Meanwhile, Intel has expanded its partnership with Ibiden, Unimicron, AT & S SEMCO companies. NVIDIA also searches for new suppliers and offers higher prices to companies producing materials for ABF substrates. However, with whom it is she leads negotiations – not specified.

According to industry sources, UNIMICRON plans to build a new plant for the production of substrates in the Taiwanese city of YanMay. The start of the construction of the factory is scheduled for 2022. The main client of the manufacturer will be Intel. Kinsus Interconnect Technology has begun construction of a plant in Taiwan. The expected start of production should take place in 2022.

Another manufacturer of substrates, Nan Ya PCB, deploys a new plant in Chinese Kunshane, and also builds new lines for the production of substrates in Taiwan, which will be fully prepared for exploitation by the end of the current or commencement of next year.

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