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Hisilicon introduced the controller for IoT devices on the RISC-V architecture

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Hisilicon, which is the Huawei division, introduced the Hispark debug board for peripheral devices based on the Hi3861’s own controller. The chip is based on the open architecture of the RISC-V, which is not characteristic of Hisilicon products.

Recall that Hisilicon developed for Huawei microprocessors for smartphones and tablets on the ARM architecture, but the US sanction applied on the Chinese manufacturer, no longer allow it to use this technology. Although the other day there were rumors about the development of the 3-nm chip for future Huawei flagships, so that the situation is not so unequivocal.

Hispark Hi3861 is designed to work running the Harmony OS brand operating system. It is equipped with a USB Type-C connector, supports the camera connection via an SDIC interface and a liquid crystal screen, contains the NFC Middle Radio Communication Module and Wi-Fi Communication. In addition, the battery pack can be connected to it.

As noted, the Tom’s Hardware resource, the main purpose of the HISPARK Hi3861 board is to create an Internet device (IoT) on it.

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