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Hitachi will create an advanced semiconductor development research center in the US

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Hitachi High-Tech America, which is a division of Hitachi High-Tech Corporation and Hitachi High-Tech Group, announced the start of construction in the American city of Portland (Oregon) of the new Center of Excellence Research Center – a centralized enterprise to develop and integrate innovative semiconductor solutions.

According to the HPC Wire portal, a new enterprise will develop new solutions based on the Hitachi Lumada platform. The center will deal with issues related to artificial intelligence technologies, as well as with the development of new product internet products and digital devices with support for the wireless standard of cellular communication of the 5th generation (5G). Additionally, the center will help the American corporate sector in the rapid integration of new technological solutions.

As noted, one of the tasks of the Hitachi High-Tech Group is to solve problems associated with the scaling and production of multi-level three-dimensional memory structures and logical devices, including chips with FINFET and GAA transistors.

The completion of the construction of a new two-story research center company plans to August 2022. The facility will use the latest systems of processes, control, measurement and analysis based on Hitachi High-Tech Group technologies.

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