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Russian lenses “Rubinar” entered the European market

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Holding “Schwab”, which is part of the state corporation Rostech, began the supply of updated mirror lenses to the territory of the European Union. Devices are suitable for use with cameras of various brands.

In particular, the MS Rubinar 10/1000 Macro lenses were received to the European market, MC Rubinar 8/500 Macro, MC Rubinar 5.6 / 500 Macro and MC Rubinar 4.5 / 300 Macro. At the same time, the first of the listed models suitable for astronomical shooting was released by a limited part of the “historical form”.

It is stated about improved specifications. The developer has improved the matte inner surfaces and enlightening optical parts, as well as increased the stability of the optical system. Applied modified blend.

The production of lenses is engaged in the Lytkarinsky plant of optical glass (LZOS), which is part of the Holding “Schwab”. Previously, sales of products started in Russia, and now there may be residents of other European states.

«Our photographic products are of interest in the European market, and we are planning to increase the distribution base for further promotion. Now in this region the most popular class among users is a creative tool for a variety of photography genres – a lens with a focal length of 300 mm. At the same time, requests come to the entire model range, “the Lzos Guide notes.

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