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The manufacturer of action cameras Gopro continues to be losses

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Gopro, a world-famous manufacturer of action cameras, reported on work in the first quarter of the current fiscal year, which was closed on March 31. The report suggests that Gopro continues to carry losses, although they are reduced.

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Revenue for the three-month period amounted to 03.68 million against 19.40 million a year earlier. Thus, according to this indicator, an increase of 70.6% was recorded.

Clean quarterly losses calculated in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) amounted to 0.17 million. For comparison: in the first quarter of last year, losses were significantly higher – 3.53 million in this way, net losses declined more than six time. Losses in recalculation for one valuable paper for the year decreased from 43 to 7 cents.

It is noted that in April of this year, the number of Gopro subscribers exceeded the mark of 1 million chambers for the last quarter, approximately 700 thousand pieces were at the level.

It is also said that the buyers of the Gopro action cameers prefer the model worth more than 00: they accounted for about 95% of the entire revenue in the relevant segment.

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