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Adobe Co-founder Charles Geske Stoke at the age of 81

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Adobe announced the death of one of its co-founders – Dr. Charles Geschke (Charles Geschke), who died on Friday surrounded by his family. Dr. Geske founded Adobe in 1982 together with Dr. John Warnock, a colleague from Xerox.

The first product of the new company was the technology of Adobe PostScript, which made a real coup in the field of publishing systems. Dr. Geske was an Adobe operating director from December 1986 to July 1994 and the president from April 1989 to his resignation in April 2000. He served as Chairman of the Board together with Dr. Wallokom since September 1997 to January 2017 and was a member of the Board until April 2020, then received the status of an honorary member of the Board.

As a sign of recognition of its technical achievements, Dr. Geske was awarded the prestigious national medal of technology and innovations (awarded by President of the United States of America), a computer entrepreneur award from IEEE Computer Society and the Honor Medal from the American Electronics Association.

Dr. Walloon, Adobe Co-founder, a former executive director and the current Chairman of the Board of Directors, said on the occasion of the death of colleagues: “In 1982, I decided to leave Xerox and to establish our own company. It was the beginning of Adobe. I could never imagine a better, more pretty or more able business partner. In our life, there will be a very lack of Chuck – all who knew him will agree with this. “

The current executive director of Adobe Shantan Narayen (Shantanu Narayen) sent his subordinate email, in which he noted that the death of Charles Geshke is a huge loss for the entire Adobe community and the technological industry for which the inventor performed by a conductor and a landmark for decades. The current head of the company also noted that, thanks to the co-founder, adobe has created many of their breakthrough and omnipresent products like PDF, Acrobat, Illustrator, Premiere Pro or Photoshop.

«But no matter how much his invention has changed the world, it was his attention to people, goals and culture that had a deep influence on each of us in Adobe. Chuck, as he often spoke, sought to create a company in which he himself would like to work. He believed that good ideas begin with a good atmosphere in the company, and important not only what we do, but also how we do it. Most of his time and talent he devoted various charitable and public organizations. I admired his genius, kindness and values ​​that defined his character, and very happy that I had the honor of knowing him and work with him, “said Mr. Narayen.

Adobe also laid out a reference to PDF with a brief biography of his well-improved co-founder.

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