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COMPUTEX 2021 exhibition will be in digital format

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Taiwan Foreign Trade Development Council (Taitra) said that the Computex 2021 exhibition would be held in the usual physical format. Despite the efforts of the organizers, the COVID-19 Pandemic does not allow the event in the form in which it was previously scheduled.

Last year, Computex should have been held in Taiwan from 2 to 6 June, but due to the spread of coronavirus, the exhibition was first transferred to September, and then they decided to cancel at all. In December 2020, it was announced that the future computex should go through in context. The new statement of the organizers states that the pandemic does not allow many participants and media representatives to take part in the usual format of the event, therefore it makes no sense.

Nevertheless, the exhibition organizers are not going to completely refuse Computex 2021. The start of the event is still scheduled for May 31, but the event itself will be held in digital format.

The main themes of the coming virtual exhibition will be the means of cellular communication of the fifth generation (5G), artificial intelligence and Internet of things, high-performance computing, cybersecurity, games, innovative technologies and calculations. Computex exhibition is very popular among computer equipment manufacturers, which usually represent their new products on it.

«With the new wave of a coronavirus pandemic, which spread all over the world, does not seem to be close to its completion. Most exhibitors, including international representatives, visitors and media, will not be able to join the exhibition due to closed borders. Therefore, the COMPUTEX 2021 organizers decided to cancel the physical format of the event this year, “the statement on the event website.

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