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Private Australian city Big Springfield decided to become a new silicon valley

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Big Springfield is the only private city in Australia, belonging to the magnate, the entire life in real estate. According to the plans of the Founder of Maha Sinnathamby, in the near future the settlement will create all the conditions for attracting the most advanced technological companies from around the world, and will turn into an Australian silicon valley.


A businessman does not give peace the idea to create a better place for IT startups. Although the city is not 30 years old, Springfield City Group (SCG) has been created for its development. “The world learned a lot from the Silicon Valley,” the founder of Sinnamby says. – We say: she is 85 years old. Let’s develop a newer version. “

As an idea of ​​the businessman, the city should turn into a business hub, the main emphasis in which is made on technologies, health care and education. Now enthusiasts are looking for well-known companies that will help implement an ambitious project, aspectated by 68 billion dollars.

The site created on the site is less than 3,000 hectares purchased for 6.1 million dollars, a large Springfield – the tenth largest private community for living today has 46,000 inhabitants, 16,500 homes, 11 schools and campus of the National University, as well as hospital and railway Line to neighboring Brisbane. According to the founder, almost a quarter of the necessary private and public funds are already invested in the city – about 15 billion dollars.

The plans are to triple the population and create 52,000 new jobs by 2030. At the moment, 20,000 jobs have been created within the project directly or indirectly. It is believed that the advantage of the new city is its location – as in the silicon valley, there is enough space for experiments and innovations, as well as specially built buildings and premises for large businesses and small startups, housing and everything you need.



One of the first “test holders” of the project was the French ENGIE SA, which entered into a strategic agreement with the founder. In its framework it is planned to create an energy infrastructure for 2038, allowing large Springfield to produce more energy than it consumes. Key conditions of success – expansion of infrastructure for electric transport, public transport priority, the creation of environmentally friendly buildings, installation of panels for converting solar energy on all available roofs and preservation of 30% of local land tenure under green plantings. Earlier this month, Sydney Startup Lavo chose a large Springfield as an experimental platform for its hydrogen batteries. It is argued that one charge of such a source is enough for the nutrition of a whole house for two days.

The territory of the “Knowledge section” will work scientists from all kinds of profiles, and the “City of Health”, developed jointly with Harvard Medical International, will provide the world’s best health care and will attract the best specialists from around the world. Here in the city will prepare new professionals.

It is worth taking into account the time of project implementation. According to some reports, the pandemic forced many to revise the attitude towards the place of residence. Thus, according to some estimates, 53% of the US technological and media sphere workers either have already left large cities, or they are going to leave them, not least due to the growth of the cost of life. According to Synnambi, the town is experiencing a pandemic better than many. The unemployment rate here is only 3.9%.

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