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Technological trends and influence of a pandemic became the main topics of the E-conference AXIS TALK 2021

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This week was the second online conference Axis Talk 2021 for the participants and experts of the Security Market from Russia, Eastern Europe and the CIS, the organizer of which was the company Axis Communications, specializing in the development and supply of solutions in the field of network security surveillance and analytics.

The participants of the event summed up the results of the past year for AXIS and the security sector as a whole, discussed the trends in the market in the future. Despite the difficult year for all the past year, Axis Communications launched more than 80 new products, applications and accessories, debuting in a new category Camera: The Axis W100 Body Worn Camera model appeared in the Russian market in the spring of 2021.

One of the main conferences was the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the business and the safety industry. In his speech, Rathaine, Vice-President of PO, and Magnus Zederfeldt, and Magnus Zederfeldt, noted that technology is the key to creating a safer and smart world, and last year provided many opportunities to rethink them. For example, video cameras began to use in hospitals for remote monitoring of patient states, while reducing the risk of infection for medical staff.

Johan Paulson, Technical Director of Axis Communications, formulated the main tendencies of the technological development of the Security Sector: “The world moves from the reactive approach to proactive, from manual to automatic, from vertical and specific devices-oriented, to a horizontal, hybrid, combining various functions and data. The importance of peripheral operations is increasing, and in the security sector, the device on which the peripheral calculations is conducted is the video surveillance camera. The use of machine learning technologies directly on board cameras is one of the most important current trends, since it allows you to create scalable horizontal intelligent video surveillance systems. “

Representatives of the central office of the company also discussed the topic of cyber security, the creation of integrated solutions and proactive video surveillance using audio devices. Specialists of the Moscow Office Axis Communications spoke about solutions to ensure security at airports and the EEC, on roads and production, shared examples of the use of intelligent video surveillance systems in Russian enterprises.

In total, more than 1421 people took part in the Axis Talk 2021 online conference, including representatives of system integrators, company partners and end users.

Record of the Reference DE 21 May 2021

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