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The head of NVIDIA will perform on June 23 at the European HPC Forum Teratec 2021

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The head of NVIDIA Jensen Huang (Jensen Huang) will perform at the European Forum Teratec 2021 dedicated to high-performance computing (HPC). The event has no global scale and is not aimed at the consumer audience, and designed for professionals in the field of HPC. Nevertheless, something interesting in a wide circle of people The head of NVIDIA can tell.

At the past exhibition Computex NVIDIA presented new GEFORCE RTX 3080 TI and GeForce RTX 3070 TI gamecards. For many, it has become a real surprise, since usually at this exhibition NVIDIA does not announce new products. However, the graphic accelerators announced not Jensen Huang, but one of the leaders of NVIDIA was not a big surprise. Nevertheless, the head of the company took part in a press conference after the presentation.

Bought by fan leather jackets will be able to see him again on June 23. At the planned briefing, Jensen Huang will tell about what his company has achieved in the field of HPC recently. It is very likely that no revelations will not, and to a greater extent, Huang will repeat everything that has already told the Graphics Technology Conference (GTC) event in April of this year.

Register now > Https://t.co/Lv5ivXHQW6 # TERATEC2021 pic.twitter.com/cdgkwhzmul

Participation in Teratec 2021 is free, but requires registration. This is not a large-scale event where you should expect high-profile announcements of new products, but in the history there were already cases when Jensen showed new GPUs with a small audience. Who knows, perhaps and on Teratec 2021 we will expect any surprise from Mr. Huang.

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