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The Perseverance rover will be on the surface of Mars tonight

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Perseverance (translated into Russian – “Perseverance”), NASA’s most advanced rover to date, will land on the surface of Mars today, February 18, at about 23:55 Moscow time. The device has been traveling through space since last July, when it was launched from Cape Canaveral, USA. During this time, it has already covered more than 470 million kilometers.

Perseverance is part of NASA’s first mission to look for signs of ancient life on Mars. Its purpose is to answer the question: has there ever been life on Mars? The rover is exploring Jezero Crater, where the lake was located 3.9 billion years ago. Preseverance will look for signs of vital activity in soil and rock. In addition, within the framework of the Preseverance mission, for the first time, an experiment on piloting a helicopter on another planet will be carried out. The flying machine is called Ingenuity.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to watch a rover the size of an average SUV descend to the surface of the red planet. The current level of technology development does not yet allow delivering a video signal so quickly over such a long distance. Nonetheless, NASA invites the entire world to join the countdown and landing commentary, which will be broadcast live starting at 22:15 Moscow time. You can join the broadcast on the official NASA website, as well as on its pages in social networks Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitch, as well as on YouTube, Daily Motion and THETA.TV. In addition to English, the broadcast will be available in Spanish.

In support of the Preseverance mission, NASA will host a series of activities for US children and students. Marc Etkind, the space agency’s deputy administration for communications, said landing on Mars has never looked like an easy task. Nevertheless, Perseverance has the experience of NASA’s best engineers and scientists. If all goes well, a few weeks after landing on Mars, the Perseverance rover will send photographs of its surroundings to Earth.

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