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LG announced the termination of the release of smartphones in early April, but still new models have come from its conveyors. But from today, May 31, it fully stops the production of smartphones and tablets.


Support for already sold devices will last some time. Premium models will be supported for three years, some of them still expect updates to Android OS, individual devices (including Q-series phones) will receive Android 12, and the flagship novelties will be updated to the thirteenth version of the OS. Also, users will be four years from the date of release of the device have access to after-sales maintenance.

The LG plant in Vietnamese Haifone was the main center of the company for the production of smartphones. Now its area is already used mainly for the production of household appliances, the remaining workers from the “smartphones” conveyors will be transferred to the fulfillment of new tasks by the end of July.



The plant earned in 2015 and in addition to smartphones already produced televisions and household appliances. Here, the subsidiaries of LG Innotek and LG Display are produced by chambers and displays, respectively.

The transition to household appliances is quite reasonable. According to Korea Herald, LG Electronics on the way to become the largest manufacturer of household appliances. In the first quarter of the current fiscal year, she bypassed the main opponent – whirpool. According to experts, this situation will continue to at least by the end of the year.

It is already known that Samsung and Apple entered into the struggle for LG in the Korean market, offering potential buyers unprecedented conditions when purchasing new smartphones.

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