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Analysts said that sales of memory chips in 2022 reached a record volume

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According to the forecasts of the IC Insights analytical company, the sales of integrated memory microcircuits in 2022 can grow to $ 180 billion, thereby beating a record set in 2018. About this with reference to the report of experts reports the DigiTimes portal.

Analysts believe that after a sharp drop in sales in 2019, the demand for this product in 2020 in the wave of Coronavirus pandemic increased by 15%. Positive dynamics should be preserved in 2021. Experts predict the growth of memory chip sales by 23%, which will ensure $ 155.2 billion revenue.

The selling price of DRAM memory in the first quarter of this year increased by 8%. In their latest financial reports, almost all leading manufacturers noted that they expect to preserve the high level of demand for their products and in the second quarter.

The increase in demand for memory chips is projected in 2022, experts say. They are confident that sales will increase by another 16% and amount to $ 180.4 billion at the end of the next year, which will beat the previous revenue record of $ 163.3 billion, established in 2018. Another peak level of sales is expected in 2023, when, according to analysts, their volume will be already $ 220 billion. After that, IC Insights predicts the period of sales recession.

According to the latest analysis, from 2020 to 2025, the total amount of revenue of the entire memory production market will grow by 10.6%. At the same time, 56% of the total amount of revenue in 2021 in the memory market will come to the sales of DRAM memory, and 43% on sales of flash memory chips. DRAM memory modules according to forecasts will also be the main part of the deliveries this year.

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