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From the deficit won all manufacturers of chips, but AMD and NVIDIA – stronger than others

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Most of the chipames from among those who do not have their own factories and places orders from contract manufacturers, they could significantly increase their revenue. As follows from the counts of the analytical company TrendForce, AMD and NVIDIA have greatly won, in which experts will first see the effect of the mining boom.

Bloomberg / Andrew Harrer

If you look at the top 10 developers of the developers in the microcircuit on revenue in the first quarter of this year, it is not difficult to notice that they all were able to increase revenues compared to the same period last year on a two-digit number of interest. To undermine the income of chipmeters deficiency chips could not. Everything happened exactly the opposite: the supply volumes grew, but at the same time demand pushed up and selling prices. At the same time, NVIDIA was able to switch the company Broadcom and move from the third to the second place in the ranking. And AMD became a company that increased its revenue to the maximum relative value – by 92.9%.



The maximum revenue among the devalcomm can boast the quantcomm, which earned $ 6.28 billion in the first quarter, which is 53.2% better than last year. The growth is due to the growing sales of chips for smartphones, radio frequency schemes, as well as solutions for the Internet of things and the automotive industry.

A second place with a quarterly revenue of $ 5.17 billion was able to win NVIDIA, increasing income by 75.6% year by year. Analysts associate this result with phenomenally high sales of video cards, which provided gamers and miners. In addition, NVIDIA has been safely earned on the supply of solutions for data centers.

Broadcom increased the revenue by 18.8% and earned $ 4.49 billion in the first quarter. These indicators are achieved against the background of the growth of the broadband market using fiber optic and wired networks.

As for the company AMD, it is in the table of ranks on the fifth position with revenue for the first quarter of 2021 in the amount of $ 3.45 billion and this is an impressive 92.9% higher than the result of one-year limit, which relates to analysts as for cryptocurrency Board and high sales of graphics chips and to the noticeable strengthening of AMD positions on the processor market.

The AMD company is in the ranking above AMD, MediaTek also applies to the number of strongly winning from the current market situation. She received in the first quarter to 88.4% more profit than a year earlier, and earned $ 3.81 billion. Companies helped growth in processors for smartphones from Chinese brands that increased purchases with the redistribution of the Huawei market share. In addition, MediaTek was able to significantly press Qualcomm in the segments of the initial and mid-level smartphones.

TrendForce analysts say that in the second quarter of this year, inflexible chip suppliers will continue to delight their investors with high financial indicators. No global factors will be able to reduce the demand for electronic devices, and the price has grown due to the deficit until they show no tendency to decrease.

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