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To cooperate with TSMC in Japan, about 20 local companies will be attracted

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Back in February, it became known about the intentions of TSMC to invest in the construction of a new research center in Japan, whose task would be to promote local semiconductor companies in the development of advanced lithographic technologies. From the Japanese side, about 20 companies have already shown, and the authorities are ready to pay half the costs.

Image Source: TSMC

About this with reference to the Japanese news agency Nikkei today reported Reuters. According to the original source, the Japanese authorities are ready to highlight the TSMC research center to $ 337 million, which roughly corresponds to the half of the project budget. In February, it was reported that TSMC will invest about $ 189 million in construction, the company will also create a small experimental production line in Japan for the production of production prototypes.

Project interested in about two dozen Japanese companies, if you believe the original source. TSMC representatives did not comment on this information. Japan is forced to rely on the support of Taiwanese and American partners, since products are not produced on the territory of the country with the use of advanced lithographic technologies. At the same time, local manufacturers of lithographic equipment and consumables occupy leading positions on the market.

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