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PlayStation 5 with a drive will start making Sony profit already this summer

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The President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) Jim Ryan told investors that the PlayStation 5 model with optical drive will be released from June 2021. When the Digital version of the console will become profitable, he did not specify.

Источник: Sony Interactive Entertainment

PlayStation 5 was published in November 2020 in two versions with a recommended value of 37,999 rubles and 46,999 rubles (for the United States – $ 399 and $ 499, respectively). The only difference between them: The presence of the Ultra HD Blu-Ray drive in a more expensive version. Speaking at the investor relations event, the President and CEO of Sie Jim Ryan said that the cost of the components of the PlayStation 5 would correspond to the average wholesale price in June before the equipment will become profitable in the following months.

Слайд из презентации Sony Interactive Entertainment. Источник: VGC

Slide from the Sony Interactive Entertainment presentation. Source: VGC.

«Another area on which we focused is the economy of consoles, “he said. – I am pleased to report that the standard PS5 version will pay off after the next month. And since then we are predicting that it will gradually become more profitable. “

Источник: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Источник: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Also Ryan mentioned that at the moment the standard edition of PlayStation 5 is most of the sales.

«We do not see that this proportion has changed a lot in 2021 fiscal year [the current fiscal year, which will end in March 2022], but we expect that after time when the PS5 cycle is going on, there will be a slight increase in the share of the Digital edition, but Minor, “he added.

Ryan also said that the importance of consoles in the PlayStation business model decreases, since software, services and peripheral devices now account for the overwhelming part of Sony Interactive Entertainment. The consoles brought the company only 20% of revenue in the 2020 fiscal year compared with 48% in the 2013 fiscal year.

Источник: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Источник: Sony Interactive Entertainment

The company also reported that between November 2020 and March 2021, the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition Owners spent 8% more on games and DLC than the owners of the standard console version. As Ryan commented, these numbers were “a little more” than expected Sie, and in his opinion it is very occupying data.

The business model “The razor and blade” was traditionally the norm for manufacturers of consoles, at least in the early stages of the hardware cycle, when the devices are sold at a loss, but money is earned on the sale of software and services.

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