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Sony filed due to restrictions on the purchase of digital versions of games outside PS Store

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The company Sony Interactive Entertainment was accused of organizing a monopoly on the sale of digital versions of games for the PlayStation family consoles. In a collective claim, submitted this week to California’s court, it is argued that the Sony’s prohibition on the distribution of codes for downloading games by third-party sellers, which has been in effect since 2019, violates antimonopoly legislation and is an example of unscrupulous competition.

In the past, Sony allowed players to buy codes for downloading digital copies of games for PlayStation consoles from third-party vendors, such as Amazon or Gamestop. However, in 2019, this practice was discontinued and currently buying digital copies of games for Sony consoles only in the PlayStation Store brand store. According to the authors of the claim, these restrictions allowed the company to organize a monopoly for the sale of digital games for their consoles.

«Sony’s monopoly allows it to establish non-competitive prices for digital games for PlayStation, which are significantly higher than on physical media sold on the competitive retail market, and significantly higher than they would be on the competitive retail market of digital games, “the statement says in the claim .

Lawyers argue that popular games are sold in digital form in PS Store on average by 75% more expensive than their analogues implemented on physical media. The lawsuit also notes that in some cases the price difference can reach 175%. According to the results of the fiscal year, Sony received an income of 7 billion from the sale of digital versions of games and other content for PlayStation. According to the plaintiffs, billion from this amount could be obtained due to the overestimation of prices and the use of their monopolized position.

Sony official representatives still refrain from commenting on this issue.

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