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There was a confirmation that Sony is preparing a new revision PlayStation 5

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Twitter user under the pseudonym Wellgamer161 drew attention to the document received from Peru. It has evidence that Sony is preparing a new Revision PlayStation 5. True, it is not worth it for significant changes in the console architecture.

Image source: PlayStation

The specified document contains information about the wireless communication module that is planned to be used in PS5. Currently, the prefix comes under the CFI-1015A serial number. Meanwhile, in the new document he is another – CFI-1115A. This means that Sony is preparing to release a new revision of PlayStation 5, and the component that the information leaked will become part of it.

Источник изображения: USA Today

Image source: USA Today

Now the wireless module for CFI-1115A is under consideration from the US Federal Communications Commission. Confirmation is expected in October 2021, so the new Audit of PS5 can go on sale for the next fall or in winter. True, it is not necessary to count on significant changes in the architecture of the prefix. Usually, when issuing a new revision, the platform holder implements only small changes in the hardware components, for example, improves the fan responsible for cooling.

Recall: in early May, the information was leaked that Sony will release an updated PlayStation 5 with other components, including the 6-nm AMD processor. A new revision with serial number 11xx has no relationship to this version.

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