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Blizzard will try to prevent FOX register the Diablo brand for a dog from a new animated series

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PCGamesn portal drew attention that at the end of April of the current year, Blizzard Entertainment submitted to the US patent and trademark authority protest for registration of Fox Media trademark Diablo.

The conflict arose in the light of the fast launch of the Fox Media of the Housebroken animated series (“To the tray” in Russian translation), among characters in which Diablo is a dog with a familiar nickname.

To the series of role-playing games Blizzard Entertainment Four-legged Diablo has no relationship. The trading brand took Fox Media to promote thematic products for animals (feed, bowls, and the like).

Blizzard Entertainment Hand in trying to Fox Media Register the Diablo trademark potential catastrophe for his brand, which uses from 12 November 1996.

Diablo по версии «К лотку приучены»

Diablo according to the version “To the tray is accustomed”

To prove its rightness, the Blizzard Entertainment document provides all releases in the Diablo series, their main awards, and also mentions the release of Diablo IV and Mobile Diablo Immortal.

«The trade force of the brand Diablo oppurient side is so great that the use or registration of the same or extremely similar trademark for any product associated with entertainment property, with a lot of probability will lead to confusion, error or deception, “the Blizzard Entertainment statement said.

Of all the listed Blizzard Entertainment and Fox Media products, the accurate release date is still only at “to the tray are accustomed” – the premiere of the series is scheduled for May 31 of this year.

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