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Changes in the structure, combat system and relationships between characters: Details Darkest Dungeon II from PC Gamer

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The Reddit Forum User under the pseudonym MR_PepPer44 published the scans of the exclusive PC Gamer material dedicated to the gloomy tactical digg of Darkest Dungeon II from Red Hook Studios.

Image source: YouTube

As they warned back in 2019, the structure of Darkest Dungeon II will change the structure: instead of the 40-hour players campaign, there are 5-hour skins, comparable to the conquest of the mountain from SLay The Spire, with common progress and plot.

The developers went to reduce the need for reaching the final finals. Darkest Dungeon II in this regard will be more affordable, but the depth will not lose.

Между регионами персонажи смогут отдохнуть в тавернах (источник изображения: PC Gamer)

Between the regions, the characters will be able to relax in the taverns (image source: PC Gamer)

The second part of the Red Hook Studios calls a hybrid one with the Oregon Trail. To its goal – now it is “ominous mountain” in the distance – the heroes are moving on the carriage, and the general mood of the journey will become a little lighter.

The history of Darkest Dungeon II will be divided into five acts, but on the start of early access will be only the first – it involves four regions and one final boss upon reaching the cherished vertex.

Переход в 3D позволил разработчикам добавить персонажам «сочных» анимаций (источник изображения: PC Gamer)

Transition to 3D allowed developers to add “juicy” animations (image source: PC Gamer)

Unlike the first Darkest Dungeon, the characters will not work on the way. The deceased will leave behind an irreplaceable gap in the detachment: so the authors want to make users more worried about their wards.

Left without one or even two fighters, the user is not obliged to interrupt the passage. You can try to go further by incomplete: one or another award for efforts will always.

В бою у персонажей будет по пять активных умений вместо четырёх (источник изображения: PC Gamer)

In battle, characters will have five active skills instead of four (image source: PC Gamer)

Significantly reworked combat system: the authors abandoned the pumping armor with weapons and some character parameters (accuracy, chance of fatigue), and the effects available in the game (stunning, bleeding and so on) were transformed into tokens.

For example, if the enemy has a token to the block, then the next blow will bring the enemy by 50% less damage. According to the developers, the system resembles card games by Hearthstone and makes planning actions in advance.

Артефакты в Darkest Dungeon II «сгорают» по окончании забега (источник изображения: PC Gamer)

Artifacts in Darkest Dungeon II “burn” after the end of the race (image source: PC Gamer)

During the travel, the heroes accumulate stress and make up with their faders, but there will be no psychosis in Darkest Dungeon II: instead, the characters will be able to form relationships with partners, which creates the inner plot in each race.

Upon reaching the maximum level of stress at a fighter, a hearty attack occurs, and the nervous breakdown: health falls to the state of “death on the threshold”, and all relationships are reset (in some cases it can be used for benefits).

Одних и тех же персонажей в отряд взять не получится (увеличение по нажатию, источник изображения: PC Gamer)

The same characters in the detachment will fail (increase by pressing, image source: PC Gamer)

At the start in Darkest Dungeon II there will be nine characters (one of them is new). The familiar heroes have expanded skills from 7 to 11 – new to be opened in special skins.

The launch of the early access of Darkest Dungeon II will be held in the period from July to September of the current year on PC (Epic Games Store). With a full release, the game will appear in the assortment of other PC sites.

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