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Character with superposts, additional missions and professions: the first major update for Watch Dogs: Legion

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Ubisoft has released the first large update for Watch Dogs: Legion. The game appeared three cooperative tasks, a new managed character and other content. Part of the innovations is designed only for subscription owners for additions.

Update 4.0 brought the following:

  • For the Owners of the Seasonal Subscription: The first proposed player hero of Mina Sidhu (Mina Sidhu). It is able to control the mind of opponents using the Omni Optik device and stun sitting nearby enemies using the Mental Blast skill. Mina is available both in a single campaign and in network modes;
  • For the Owners of the Seasonal Subscription: New Dedsec Stories Mission – Swipe Right (“Swile Right”). In it, DedSec will deal with smugglers who have entered into collusion with the Minister of Culture of Egypt to sell ancient artifacts and sponsor terrorists;
  • Three cooperative tasks;
  • Two professions for a single mode and multiplayer – DJ (DJ), able to strengthen allies and disorient the opponents nearby, and the lifeguard (First Responder), protecting himself and other players with a shield of augmented reality;
  • Five orders for solitary mode;
  • Two boyfriends;
  • Five abilities of operatives;
  • The ability to create closed cooperative sessions;
  • New features setting the appearance of characters – hairstyles and body art.

In addition, the developers corrected many technical problems, including those who caused departures and memory leaks, and not allowed to finish some missions. The update size varies from 19 to 37 GB depending on the platform. A complete list of changes is published here.

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