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Chief Queest Designer Cyberpunk 2077: AI in the game specially made it to make mistakes

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Chief Designer Quests Cyberpunk 2077 Pavel Sasko (Pawel Sasko) sometimes spends direct broadcasts and communicates with the audience. At the end of April, at one of the Streakhov, he stated that the audience does not quite understand how difficult the last role-playing action CD Projekt Red was developed. And recently, he commented on claims to artificial intelligence in the project. It turns out that AI specially made it so that he imitates the behavior of a person and committed mistakes.

Источник изображения: CD Projekt RED

Image source: CD Projekt RED

Pavel Sasko comment says: “Sometimes players discuss the topic,” Why an artificial intelligence [in Cyberpunk 2077] is so stupid “, right? The easiest way to make AI is incredibly smart, because AI knows where you are, and can bypass you from the flanks and make a lot of things, but it makes it extremely unfair [in relation to the user]. “

«We wanted to realize AI, “Pavel Sasko continued,” which behaves like a living person – makes mistakes and incorrectly assesses the situation. If I shoot from a particular position, and then leave, disguised, the enemies will continue to shoot at the place where I was a minute ago, because they think I’m there. If you kill the enemy in one place, then do not expect that the AI ​​will order opponents to immediately find you, but rather [Learn] that the enemy will go to check the place where it happened. AI must be realistic, but at the same time fair. “

On Reddit, where Pavel Sasco’s broadcast was posted, the audience remained unhappy with the words of the main designer. Many users considered a comment for an excuse that does not correspond to reality. In their opinion, artificial intelligence in Cyberpunk 2077 is too bad, and they did not deliberately.

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