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Collective card Roguebook Roguebook from Magic Creator: The Gathering will be released on PC before planned

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The Gematsu portal reports that the Nacon Publishing House and the Abrakam Entertainment studio announced the transfer of the PC version of their collective card Roguebook card.

Image source: Twitter

Recall, until recently, the Roguebook premiere in the Digital Distribution service Steam was scheduled for June 24 of this year. As it turned out, the team more than time to this date.

In connection with the advance management schedule, Roguebook release was decided to transfer. Not at a later date, as it usually happens, and on earlier: the game is now expected on June 17.

As for the release of the Roguebook on the consoles, the version of the project for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and Nintendo Switch will go on sale later.

In addition to the current release date, NaCon and Abrakam Entertainment published a new gameplay trailer for the ROGEEBook, which shows the in-game mechanic to create your deck.

Action Roguebook unfolds in the knowledge book, where each page is a new test. The game offers six pairs of heroes with 50 or more cards, strategic battles, over 40 bosses, as well as “many meetings and events.”

It is noteworthy that the American mathematician Richard Garfield (Richard Garfield) was actively involved in the development of Roguebook (Richard Garfield), more famous as the creator of the collective card game Magic: The Gathering.

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