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Conan Exiles has become free for a week and received the final version of the largest supplement ISLE OF SIPTAH

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FUNCOM has released the final version of the Isle Of SipTAh to the Conan Exiles multiplayer simulator. Now the largest expansion with a huge island is available not only on the PC, but also on two generations of PlayStation and Xbox. Also, the publisher holds a free week – until June 3, access to the game in Steam is open to everyone.

Image source: Funcom

The addition tolerates the action on the island of Sipthah, in the center of which the storm leptures, calling the monsters from the external emptiness. Players will have to told the magic storm (The Maelstrom), open portals to the outside world, pass the tests, get into the ominous tower, full treasure, and turn the island into its territory, building a settlement from new materials – storm glass and ships. Addon also added driving rhinos, new sets of armor, weapons, tools, the opportunity to enslave and include in their army of people who bring to the island of Witchcraft emissions (The Surges), and the new type of dungeons – full demons of the halls (Vaults), where the remains of the elders Peoples.

ISle of Siptah’s release in early Steam’s early access took place on September 15, 2020. Over the past time, the developers have expanded the island at the expense of new biomes (now Sipthaha includes savannah, flooded area and volcanic zone), added many non-game characters camps of three fractions, mechanics of battles with bosses, the ability to recruit satellites, freeing them from cells, look for treasures in the ocean and Grow unique pets, and also improved environment and lighting. For more information about innovations, the authors told in a recent video (below).

The addition received more than a thousand reviews in Steam. Positive make up a little less than half of them, however, the main part of negative reviews belongs to last year and is associated with a large number of bugs and deficiencies in the start.

A free week began on the evening of May 27 and will last until 20:00 Moscow time on June 3. FunCom offers users a joint test: until the end of the action kill 50 million monsters and NPC people. For the task, players will receive different awards (unlocked items will appear in the coming months).

On May 8, Conan Exiles noted the third anniversary since the full release. Before that (from January 31, 2017), the game was in early access Steam. Now it is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S. Simulator gathered in the store Valve more than 48 thousand reviews, 78% of which are positive (rating for the last 30 days above – 83%).

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