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Console versions of Frostpunk will receive a new interface and will be released in the third quarter of the year

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The computer version of the city planning simulator frostpunk received the last addition last year, and on the consoles none of them appeared so far. As it turned out, to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One DLC will get in the third quarter of this year.

Image source: frostpunkgame.com

In a new video, developers from Studio 11 Bit reminded the content of the additions and told about the differences in console versions. On the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will transfer all three paid DLC: The Rifts (“Gorge”), on the edge (“on the edge”) and The Last Autumn (“Last Autumn”). They will be allowed to purchase separately, as part of a complete edition or by subscription. The interface will be completely remade taking into account the features of the gamepads. According to the creators, the Office will become more intuitive, but at the same time the game does not lose the strategic depth.

The Rifts includes a new map for the “endless mode” and the ability to build bridges through the gorge. The release on PC took place in August 2019.

The Last Autumn, the largest of three, told about the construction of a steam generator, thanks to which people were able to survive after the global cooling offensive. DLC introduces a new set of laws, technology and structures, as well as the variation of the “infinite regime” – The Builders (“Builders”), where you need to restore the generator in winter conditions. At the PC, the addition appeared in January 2020.

The Last Autumn. Источник изображения: Steam

The Last Autumn. Image source: Steam

On the edge, users manage the cashpost discovered next to the abandoned military warehouse. The settlement depends on New London (New London) – all extracted resources are sent there, and scarce products comes in exchange. Players must find an alternative food source to stop depending on the headquarters. To do this, you will have to install trading routes with other settlements. The main dilemma is to compromise with new allies or try to subjugate them. DLC adds new areas of frosty lands (frostlands), mechanics, technology and buildings. The computer version came out in August 2020.

On The Edge. Источник изображения: Steam

ON THE EDGE. Image source: Steam

Frostpunk entered the PC (Windows) in April 2018. In October 2019, the strategy became available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and in February 2021 – on MacOS. By April of this year, 11 Bit sold 3 million copies of the game. In May, the studio announced an independent version for iOS and Android, which the Chinese Netease will help to release.

Currently, Frostpunk is distributed in Epic Games Store. The action will end at 18:00 Moscow time on June 10. PC-version is also available for free Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

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