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Creative Assembly showed the first frame from its cosmic shooter – screenshot full of various references

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The British studio Creative Assembly in his microblog published a message about the set to the team of his mysterious shooter, accompanying the announcement of the first frame from the upcoming game.

Image Source: Twitter

For the first time that Creative Assembly took up another shooter, it became known in June 2018 from the vacancies of the company. Over the past since then, the news time about the project has not been practically not added, but something else knows about him.

First, we are talking about a product for new intellectual property; secondly, the game will have a multiplayer orientation; Thirdly, the events will turn into a science fiction entourage.

As for the published tizer, it shows the cabin of a certain spacecraft overlooking the Earth (or another similar planet). The frame is also visible a female hand holding a firearm.

It is worth noting that the published screenshot does not reflect how the gameplay will look like, and contains a series of reference to real events (BAFTA), as well as SEGA and Creative Assembly games (Sonic, Jet Set Radio, Company of Heroes and others).

In the declaration of Creative Assembly, the project is called “something completely different” in relation to the rest of the shooters, and in the description of the vacancies of the studio, you can find the mention of post-class plans, roadmaps and other attributes of services.

In addition to the mysterious and, according to developers, breakthrough shooter, Creative Assembly works above the Total War fantasy strategy: Warhammer III. Release is expected to PC (Steam, Epic Games Store) closer to the end of this year.

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