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Deep Silver will revive the FREE RADICAL DESIGN studio to create the following TimeSplitters

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Deep Silver Press in the new press release announced a re-establishment of Free Radical Design – in the coming months, the studio will start developing the following part of the TimeSplitters series.

Image Source: Deep Silver

On the intention to revive the brand THQ NORDIC (Maternal company Deep Silver) was told in the financial report for the first quarter of 2019, however, it came to decisive actions now.

As it became known, the revived Free Radical Design founded several key members of the original team, including Steve Ellis (Steve Ellis) and David Doak (David Doak).

The updated Free Radical Design is based in the English city of Nottingham and is currently focused on the arrangement and construction of the studio – the team has not yet proceeded to develop a new game.

Источник изображения: Deep Silver

Image Source: Deep Silver

«Finally, it is possible to confirm the formation of the studio and the plan to the following TimeSplitters – incredible. We cannot tell anything else now, but in the future we share [additional] information, “said Ellis.

Deep Silver Marketing Director Paul Nicholls Added by: “A unique style provided Timesplitters a large and passionate army of fans, which, no doubt, will be happy to form the newest Deep Silver Studio.”

The original Free Radical Design was founded in 1999 by Rare employees. In 2009, the studio bought Crytek and renamed Crytek UK, and in 2014 closed – at the same time, Deep Silver acquired it and called Dambuster Studios.

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