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Details DYING LIGHT 2: The size of the game on Xbox, “Intensive violence” and “In-game shopping”

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The other day, the Polish studio TECHLAND conducted a gameplay presentation Dying Light 2 and began taking pre-orders for the game. Following this, the developers told about the free upgrade for PS5, Xbox Series X and Series S when buying a project on the consoles of the past generation. And now the details of the coming sequel did another two sources of the Microsoft Store store and the ESRB rating agency.

Image Source: Techland

On the Dying Light 2 page, the Microsoft service indicates the Xbox game size is 60 GB. For comparison, the Ratchet & Clan action-platform range approaching the release, which will be released only on PS5, will take a little more than 42 GB on the solid-state drive. True, the project will not be an open world, as in Dying Light 2. More in the Microsoft Store, the ray tracing on new Microsoft consoles and crosslies on xbox (and possibly PC) is mentioned.

Источник изображения: Microsoft Store

Image source: Microsoft Store

As for the age rating of the game, it received from ESRB assessment “M” (over 17 years old). The project description from the agency mentions a demonstration of blood, adult topics, obscene vocabulary and intensive violence. And in the list, “in-game purchases” are indicated, but there are no reasons yet – this phrase ESRB marks both microtransactions and additions. The first dying light, for example, received a lot of additives. Most of them have added cosmetics and minor tests, but there was a place in the list and for large-scale DLC The Following with its plot line, a separate large location and mechanical movement on buggy.

Dying Light 2 will be released on December 7, 2021 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S.

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