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Developers Resident Evil Village talked about problems when creating a game

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Capcom publisher published on the official Youtube channel Horror-Franchise Resident Evil Roller, dedicated to the problems faced by the latest part of the series – Resident Evil Village.

Image source: Capcom

Recall the indication to start planning the following part of the Capcom series gave six months to the release of Resident Evil 7. By the spring of 2020, production has noticeably advanced, but the team had to make a forced break.

«The development in Capcom was completely stopped due to the remote regime caused by COVID-19. I sat at home for about a month. Only I could worry about Resident Evil Village, “said Morimas Sato’s director of Morimas Sato.

When the team returned to work, I realized that the project requires even a lot of attention: the testers called enemies too aggressive and numerous, and the combat system is “annoying, boring and incredibly exhausting.”

According to General Manager Makoto Kadono, the team began to panic due to such critical reviews and did not want to believe that Resident Evil Village in its then was so bad.

According to the results of discussions with testers, the team under the leadership of Sato reduced the number of opponents: “We forced [users] to worry, how and where they can be attacked. And when the enemy appeared, he was already mernered. “

The change went to the project for the benefit, and the release of Capcom was already sure as a final product. Resident Evil Village debuted on May 7 of this year and received from journalists to Metacritic from 81 to 85%.

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