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DISCO ELYSIUM: The Final Cut finally got the promised patch 1.2, but so far only on PS5

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Developers of the Disco ELYSIUM role detective from the independent Estonian studio ZA / UM in his microblog informed the release of the promised update 1.2 for the expanded publication of the game on one of the target platforms.

Recall, patch 1.2 for Disco ELYSIUM: THE FINAL CUT (so called an extended version) was announced shortly after the project’s output. It was assumed that the premiere of the patchwork would take place within a few days, but the wait of the fans was delayed.

The head of the publishing department of ZA / UM MICK MECNIIT (Mikk Metsniit) on the discord-server DISCO ELYSIUM was mentioned that the release of updates was planned on April 6, however, apparently, something went wrong.

Be that as it may, the release of DISCO ELYSIUM: The Final Cut version 1.2 finally took place, but so far only on PlayStation 5. In TV, with the ZA / UM announcement, apologized for the delay and added that over the patch package for PS4 work is also underway.

Earlier it was reported that Patch 1.2 contains correcting locations, interactive objects and unpopped items, as well as improved controller management and eliminating various problems with visibility.

Judging by the first reviews, the renewal took rid of the PS5 owners at least from one of the problems – it is impossible to get the plot items from the machine stuck under the ice (an example of the turmoil is fixed above).

Recall, DISCO ELYSIUM: The Final Cut debuted on March 30 on PC (Steam, Gog, Epic Games Store), PS4, PS5 and in the Google Stadia streaming service. On target platforms, in addition to PS5, the patch 1.2 will appear already “soon”.

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