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Dry: School Role Game MONARK from former developers Shin Megami Tensei will be released in Japan in October

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User Twitter under the pseudonym Xenosaga7 noticed that after the recent Tizers, the Japanese publishing house Furyu mistakenly revealed the date of the coming school role-playing MONARK.

Image source: Furyu

Recall that the Monark’s full announcement will be held in the nearest Thursday, June 10th. Apparently, Furyu failed: the debut trailer of the project was published before the outlined period.

The leakage was quickly eliminated, but users managed to fix the information that fell into the network. In particular, the release date of MONARK – at least a Japanese project release is scheduled for October 14 of the current year.

Together with the Announcement, the MONARK should start pre-orders – they are relying a special album with soundtrack and in-game content (two suit for the protagonist and one piece of equipment).

Пока безымянный протагонист Monark

While the Unnamed Protagonist MONARK

MONARK Capital Music Theme called Nihil composer Iori Kandzaki (Iori Kanzaki) composer, and performed the KAF virtual singer. The background track is referred to as Hi No Jouri and belongs to Tsukasa Masuko.

The official premiere of a four-minute announcement of the MONARK trailer and a six-minute roller dedicated to the music component of the game will be held on June 10 at 6:00 Moscow time.

MONARK target platforms are still not disclosed. It is reported that a team is working on the project, consisting of former Megami Tensei and Shin Megami Tensei developers.

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