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Drying: Original Dying Light will receive a “platinum” edition filled with additional content

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On the website of the Microsoft Store digital store, apparently, a page of the non-announced “platinum” edition of the zombie action in the open world Dying Light appeared in the Open World Dying Light from the Techland studio.

Image source: Microsoft

According to already hidden information from Microsoft Store, Dying Light: Platinum Edition (so called a new set) will go on sale in the nearest Thursday – May 27. The cost at this stage is unknown.

In the description of Dying Light: Platinum Edition, it is said that the publication includes four large additions, namely: The Following, “flock of boots”, “kitchen and cargo” and last year’s Addon Hellraid.

Источник изображения: Microsoft

Image source: Microsoft

In addition, the Dying Light: Platinum Edition includes 17 sets of appears and additional weapons:

  • Ultimate Survivor
  • Crash Test
  • 5th Anniversary
  • Harran Ranger
  • Gun Psycho
  • Volatile Hunter
  • White Death
  • Vintage Gunslinger
  • Rais Elite
  • Godfather
  • Harran Inmate
  • Retrowave
  • SHU Warrior
  • Volkan Combat Armor
  • Classified Operation
  • Viking: Raiders of Harran
  • Harran Tactical Unit

«Travel on Harran behind the wheel of the car and demolish everything on your way. Overcome the BOOK Tests and explore new quarantine zones. Enjoy additional appearance and weapons! ” – Call the developers in the description Dying Light: Platinum Edition.

Наполнение Dying Light Anniversary Edition (источник изображения: Amazon)

Filling DYING LIGHT: Anniversary Edition (Image source: Amazon)

It is worth noting that Dying Light: Platinum Edition is not the first set of game with a large number of additional content. By the fifth anniversary of the project on the consoles, a similar issue was similar in the concept of the “Jubilee” edition (it was also declassified ahead of time).

Dying Light debuted in January 2015 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The developers continue to support the game – at the end of April, a crossover with RUST was held at the PC, – parallel working on Sicvel.

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