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EA filed a patent for a dynamic complexity system in games

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Electronic Arts decided to patent the in-game complex of complexity that adapts to the user skills. Patent, as reported, was filed in October 2020, but made public at the end of March 2021. It says in detail that the system performs a dynamic and detailed adjustment of the complexity so that the user can not see this.

It Takes Two (EA)

Patent documents also indicate that this system will be able to analyze the previous user activity to create an interest prediction model in order to increase the duration of the gaming session. Apparently, we are talking in EA Patent that the complexity is a factor of how much time people spend in the game. Consequently, adjusting the complexity on the basis of the analysis of the past user’s behavior, the system is designed to interest it stronger.

«Based on a certain expected duration of the game, the level of its complexity can be automatically adjusted, “the patent says. In the description, the static level of complexity is called potentially problematic: for some users in certain games, one or another aspect of the environment may be harder or easier than the developers were calculated.

Apex Legends (EA)

Apex Legends (EA)

«Often too complicated or too simple games deliver less pleasure to the user, “the patent says. – Consequently, the player is likely to spend less time in the game. Thus, one of the tasks of the developers is to create a game with such a level of difficulty, which will most likely hold the user involved for a longer period of time. “

Adaptive complexity already exists in many games. For example, in Left 4 Dead there is a “virtual director”, which changes the number and complexity of monsters at the level. Resident Evil 4 also provides a hidden dynamic complexity system. The mandatory use of the technologies described in the patent, however, may create extra difficulties for developers, especially in the case of novice independent studios. By the way, recently, 5 years later attempts, Warner Bros. It was possible to patent the Nemesis system from the Middle-Earth series.

FIFA 21 (EA)

FIFA 21 (EA)

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