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Echtra Games stopped working on Torchlight III – Studio will be engaged in “exciting” projects for ZYNGA

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The Echtra Games Studio announced the termination of the role of the role-action Torchlight III. The team passed the project Perfect World Entertainment and switched to the development of the games of the new owner – the Mobile Giant Zynga.

Image source: Echtra Games

The head of Echtra Games Max Schafer (Max Schaefer) recalled that Zynga announced the purchase of Echtra Games in early March. “We switch to new exciting projects and transfer the relay to our partners from Perfect World,” he wrote. “We really liked to work on TorchLight III, and we hope that in the future this franchise will be fine.” Schaefer thanked fans for long support and expressed the hope that they would continue to follow the studios games.

Fresh spring update has become the last – at least from Echtra Games released. Together with him a new class of characters appeared – the damned captain (CURSED CAPTAIN), as well as new pets, contract and improvement for fortresses. In addition, the creators eliminated the “countless” bugs, corrected the interface, increased performance and made many other changes. For further support of Torchlight III, Perfect World Entertainment, who spent the publisher of all three parts, but until the company told about his plans.

What games work Echtra Games is unknown, but in March Zynga reported that he plans to produce more games on PC and consoles. At the same time it turned out that the team would help NaturalMotion Studios with the development of a non-alone RPG.

Torchlight III (Initially, Torchlight Frontiers) started steam early access on June 13, 2020. The final version came out on October 13 not only on the PC, but also on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. October 22, the game appeared on Nintendo Switch. The role-playing action received not too high presses and users: the media rating on Metacritic is 62-68 / 100 points, and in Steam it was positively appreciated only in 49% of reviews (the total number of reviews – more than 7.7 thousand). Many buyers noted that the third part is practically inferior to predecessors.

Torchlight and Torchlight II were developed by Runic Games, among the founders of which Max Shefer and his brother Erich (Erich), founders of Blizzard North (Diablo Franchise Creator). In 2010, Perfect World Entertainment bought a studio stake control package for $ 8.4 million. Four years later, Erich left the team for the sake of the new Double Damage Games (Rebel Galaxy and Rebel Galaxy Outlaw), and in 2016 Max had left it, later discovered Echtra Games. In August 2018, the Announcement of TorchLight Frontiers sounded, and in November 2017, Runic Games announced the closure due to the desire to focus on the games-services.

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