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Empire of Sin will release a paid addition of Make IT COUNT

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Paradox Interactive Publishing House and Romero Games Studio, as part of the recent PDXCON broadcast, made Make It Count – the first paid addition to its Empire of SIN gangster strategy.

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As they assure in Paradox Interactive and Romero Games, Make It Count develops the ideas of the main game, offering the extension of the available content and a number of new gameplay options for users.

First of all, Make It Count will present another boss – Mera Lanski on nicknamed an accountant. Succeeds in the economy, creates synergies in battle and uses his eloquence for the conclusion of the world with the help of money and connections.

Also with the release of the Make It Count in Empire of Sin will appear five intermediary gangsters. They are engaged in a racket with a loan of money, which opens up the opportunity to blackmail other characters and factions.

In addition, the Make It Count will enter a series of tasks, telling the history of Lansky and intermediaries. The chain of missions also unlocks new features and introduces an accountant with a tutor – Arnold Rotztein.

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Image source: Paradox interactive

In addition, Romero Games is preparing to release a free content Update Precinct, which, among other things, will add a system of controlling the areas and support for user modifications.

Make It Count and Precinct will be released simultaneously until the end of this year on all target platforms of the Empire of SIN itself, namely: PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo SWITCH.

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