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Epic stated that users “hit a trap” in the App Store

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Last Monday, a court session in Auckland (California) was held as part of a process with the participation of Epic Games and Apple, on which the lawyer Epic Catherine Forrest (Katherine Forrest) stated that the App Store app store left users and developers “trapped” on the anti-competitive market . In turn, the lawyer of the manufacturer of the iPhone accused the Fortnite Creator company in a “fundamental attack” on a business model, which benefits millions of developers and consumers.


The Battle of Apple and EPIC began in August last year, when the developer of the game told customers about the launch of an in-game shopping system in Fortnite with a discount without a 30 percent commission charged by Apple. After that, Apple deleted the playing application for violating the platform rules, breaking access to it more than a billion iPhone and iPad users, and EPIC filed to her to the court, accusing in anti-competitive behavior.

During the past court session, the EPIC lawyer called the App Store “fenced garden”, stating that users were cut by expenses, and developers are “burdensome” contractual obligations with Apple. She reminded that Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs in 2008 said in the comment to his colleague that the App Store license agreement was designed to “avoid competitors.” Also, Forrest brought an Apple top manager as an argument to the App Store, Chiller Phil Schiller (Phil Schiller) from 2011, in which he expressed the idea of ​​reducing commission fees, when the store’s profit will reach a billion mark.

Apple’s lawyer Karen Dunn, in turn, stated that EPIC actions threaten to flip the market. “EPIC is present here, demanding that this court forced Apple to put into his App Store unverified and unreliable applications and application stores, which Apple has never done,” Dunn Dennaya Court Judge, Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, told Dunn (Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers). She also noted that it was not provided by antitrust law.

At the meeting, an intersection interrogation of the EPIC General Director of Tim Sweeney (Tim Sweeney), invited as a witness. He admitted that EPIC deliberately violated the App Store rules by creating a direct payment system for iOS to bypass Apple Commissions. At the same time, he defended the actions of his company. Suiini stated that he is against Apple’s policy, prohibiting users to upload other application shopping on IOS mobile devices so that those spending money on purchases outside the App Store.

As expected, the trial between EPIC and Apple, held in the District Court of the United States in the Northern District of California, will last about three weeks.

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